Over the last year and a half, I have spent many hours learning Powershell and researching automated builds for Dynamics AX 2012.  I have found some amazing resources online that have gotten me to a working process:

There are many more resources out there now, these are just the main ones I used to arrive at my build process.  In fact, the DynamicsAXCommunity Powershell module is required for some of my build functions.

Over the next few months I will be documenting my custom Powershell functions and eventually creating a module for them.  I will also attempt to integrate the latest version of the DynamicsAXCommunity module with them as the version I’m using has been customized.  I’m hoping that this documentation may help other developers out there who are trying to create an automated build for AX 2012.

All of the code that will be discussed in this blog can be found in Codeplex.